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The Launch of Creative and Our Future Plans

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We are thrilled to announce the release of Creative, marking a significant milestone as it becomes the first server completely rebuilt from scratch. This revamped server will serve as the foundation for our upcoming updates. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hard at work making multiple improvements behind the scenes, including enabling compatibility for players using Bedrock clients on phones, tablets, Switch, Xbox, and more. This expansion opens up new opportunities to reach players who were previously out of our reach.

Future Plans: Revamping Survival, SkyBlock, and OPFactions
We plan to continue this comprehensive rebuilding process for our Survival, SkyBlock, and OPFactions servers. While this may seem unnecessary given the current low player count, it’s important to note that we have not yet listed our server on any voting sites or begun advertising. The reason is simple: a good first impression is crucial, and the current state of our legacy servers does not meet...

MCW Network update #3: The final resurrection for now

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that we've just reopened the legacy Survival, Skyblock and OPFactions servers. They're pure nostalgia from 2018, and I hope they keep you entertained for a while! Next week, I'm diving into a full-on rebuild of Survival from the ground up. That means everything will be fresh—both in-game and behind the scenes.

This rebuild will build upon the 1.20 version, with new features and better performance. I can't say anything about the exact finish date yet, but I'll keep you all informed and do some beta tests when we get closer to launch. And yes, we’ve got rebuilds lined up for the other servers, following the order Survival -> Skyblock -> OPFactions. Plus, we're prepping Annihilation for release soon, and I’ll share more details and a release date as soon as I can.

A big shoutout to everyone supporting us during the rebuild of the MCW Network! Seeing so many of you back is awesome; it truly means a lot to me.

MCW network update #2: The nostalgia

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I can proudly say the infrastructure was rebuilt in the last few days, and then the network and Hub were rebuilt from the ground up. This means improved performance and better compatibility with different game versions. The hub has been migrated to 1.20, which means improved functionalities and features.

Honestly, this has all been a trip down memory lane for me and motivates me to keep working on bringing back the MCW network better than ever. I really would like to say that I appreciate all the kind words and support that we have received, and I can proudly say that we have a full Build and Staff team again. The staff team will currently online have administrators and moderators and will eventually go back to the old way with more sub ranks.

You might know that running an MC server is not cheap, and ensuring good performance comes at a price. I don't like begging for money, and I am serious about the revival of the MCW Network and have paid upfront all the...

MCW Network Rises Again: A Fresh Start

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Exciting news: The MCW Network will come back after a five-year absence! The entire database and files have been preserved, ensuring that ranks, inventories, and worlds remain intact as players remember them from the day it shut down.

The initial phase of this revival will see the relaunch of three main servers: OPFactions, Skyblock, and Survival. These platforms will provide a familiar yet fresh experience for both returning and new players and provide a good testing ground to ensure stability at the quality you expect.

The restoration of the official forums has completed the first phase. Unfortunately, we couldn't acquire our old domain, "" If someone knows how to contact the owner, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our new domain will be "" and the server IP will eventually be ""

We hope everyone will help spread the word and encourage old teammates and new players...

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